Candy Crush Saga Free Lives v2.2

The simple tweaks is that you can easily Generate your desired Lives. This released is currently in BETA. Auto update is also available in this version.


*Get up to 100 Lives per minute!
*Works on windows, mac, linux, others!
*Automatic update!
*Unique API to work with facebook smootly!

How to use

1. Log-in to your Facebook account.
2. Start "Candy Crush Saga Free Lives v2.2"
3. Enter the amounts you want to add.
4. Click on Start and wait until its done
5. Refresh your browser and see the result.

How to download

STEP 1: Click download link below and choose "Regular Download"
STEP 2: Complete 1-2 minutes anti-spam survey. Don't worry its free.


Video - Tutorial How To Download